Motherlode Volleyball




MVC strives to focus on the development of our athletes. MVC’s goal is to create a safe, fun and effective training environment that gives our athletes the ability to achieve individualgoals and achievement within a team setting. We strive to expose existing and prospective athletes to competitive levels of volleyball while providing opportunities that fit the interest, commitment and budget within MVC. The experienced coaches and staff of MVC are committed to providing our members with training to excel in volleyball skills and performance. We also strive to build the mind and character of each member on the court. We see each training session as an opportunity to teach lessons of respect, responsibility, commitment, discipline, work ethic, teamwork, courage, integrity, communication and the importance of sacrifice and sportsmanship


The goal of the MVC coaching staff is to provide athletes with the chance to experience success in a variety of ways, both as a team and individually, on and off the court. Athletes will be challenged beyond what they think they are capable of in order to reach their full potential. They are encouraged to develop both physically and mentally to develop emotional maturity. Athletes will have the chance to learn how to handle success and failure on the court. Players will learn the physical skill of volleyball as well as lifelong skills such as: leadership, cooperation, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline, self-motivation, self-confidence, and goal setting.

Bethany Jennings

Owner/Head Coach 13's & 17's

Kevin Lane

Training Team Coach

Tanya Allen

Head Coach 15's

Amy Wahlbrink

Head Coach 11's

Michelle McCormick

Assistant Coach 11's